Creative Critters

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Week 7

The Creative Critters have been very busy this week. Our Tattybogle show is progressing well and we look forward to performing in front of the school,  early child hood centres, grandparents, parents and friends. For some children it is their first experience of standing on stage in front of a large audience and they becoming more confident after each practice.
We visited Room 4's art gallery in Commerce Lane last week. The art was spectacular and we were very impressed how the seniors gave the juniors a tour of their gallery. Thank you Room 4, you should be very proud of your achievements.
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Tattybogle -

There’s a scarecrow in the meadow
Tattybogle is his name
He is made out of sticks and straw
In all weather he will stay there
but he’s happy just the same
He will never complain

Tattybogle, Tattybogle
tries to scare crows every day
They all love him so much they say
“Tattybogle, Tattybogle
we are always gonna stay.
You can’t scare us away!”


  1. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Tattybogle, the children done a wonderful job, and thank you all the teachers for putting in such a huge effort.

    Michelle Walmsley

  2. Hello Creative Critters,
    Thank you very very much for sharing your wonderful talents with us! You were superstars on that stage in your pretty costumes. I was so impressed with your singing and dancing too! What an experience for all of us!

  3. What an amazing show!! . I am so proud of you all. My face is still sore from smiling so much on the night. I am sure that it was exciting being on the stage and performing in front of hundreds of people. I am very proud of your teachers and teacher aides as well as they worked very hard to help you to be artistic A.C.H.I.E.V.E.R.'s. Congratulations everyone :) Mr Larsen

  4. I am still singing the tunes and imaging the dance moves. What a wonderful time we had doing the show together. You are al very clever CREATIVE Critters.

  5. Thank-you for letting us watch your Tatty Bogle show you were cute out there in your costumes.