Creative Critters

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Week 5

The Creative Critters are getting ready for the Tatty Bogle Production. We are learning the songs and those with speaking parts are spending time with Mrs Colton most days. Teachers are sourcing costumes and backdrops ready for the show on the 20th and 21st September, we can't wait.

We had a very interesting visit from Ross Kinnaird this week, a very popular book illustrator. He excited the children by drawing funny pictures of animals and teachers. They really liked the picture of Mrs Hartley "laying an egg" and Mr Larsen "wearing a skirt"!!

Our Syndicate Assembly will be on Friday 9th September in the Hall. Three students from each class will recite a poem. This is working towards increasing children's self confidence which is our school value for Term 3. 

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  1. Hi Denise. We love your blog. Hoping you are back soon!

  2. Hi there CC's. I love your new blog. Your parents will be thrilled to keep up with all of the amazing learning that you do here at TPPS. I can't wait until I see Tatty Bogle this Wednesday. Yaaahoo!!!! Mr Larsen

  3. It was cool to see the mayor because of the chain.

  4. I was nervous meeting our mayor Mr Ross Patterson. But he gave us a lanyard, a 50 dollar voucher, a pen, a certificate, a notepad, and a handshake. Just because Mr Patterson saw one of our fabulous Te Puke brochures.