Creative Critters

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Week 3 - 7 November 2011

 This week the Juniors have started some kitchen chemistry in the classroom. Some classes have placed eggs in cups with different liquids to see the effects on the egg. Other experiments include making ice cream and jelly.

Room 11 and Room 12 now have Discovery Time each Friday. Discovery Time is where children are learning through hands on activities. During this time teachers are encouraging children to use the Curriculum Key Competencies: Thinking, Using language, symbols and texts, Managing Self, Relating to Others and Participating and Contributing.  Children are sharing, taking turns, speaking nicely to each other and being respectful to others and their equipment.

Junior Cross country is on Wednesday 30th November and children are all busy practicing. It is getting rather hot in the afternoon but children are enjoying the challenges. Please come and join us on the day, bring your family and cheer the children on.

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  1. Hey Creative Critters! Good luck with your athletics day on the 30 November. I hope you all run fast, jump high and long and throw hard!

  2. Good Iuck Creative Critters.